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Do you think you want to make a referral to Millennium Care?

  • We have a stepped approach
  • Have you checked our website? Do you think we are the right provider?
  • Have you requested a referral form to complete?
  • If not, this must be completed and sent to
  • Please note the sooner we get this the sooner we can decide on next steps

Can we support the person?

Deciding if we are the right provider

  • During this stage we welcome a visit to our services to help inform the individual and their family and commissioners as to the correct environment and service provision.
  • Based on the referral form document that you have completed, we will make a judgement and let you know if we are the correct provider based on the initial information received and our service model. This can take up to one week . We may also contact you to clarify the information. At this stage we will inform you of the information we require to progress to the assessment. We will not progress to assessment until we are confident we will be able to view that information upon assessment.

Proceed the assessment phase

Assessment required

  • Once we have completed step above. We will then contact you and agree a mutually convenient date to complete our assessment. This will involve a visit to the person and also meeting their core team/circle of support.
  • We may need more information to be available on the day of the assessment and key personnel available. We will inform you in advance of our requirements.
  • Please note: We cannot complete the assessment if information is not available that we have prior requested, if this happens then a cost will be incurred for time and travel of the assessor. With highly complicated individuals assessment process may take some time. And we will have continuing dialogue with you about the content of the assessment until we are confident we have captured all the necessary requirements

Accepting that Millennium Support are the right provider

Next Steps

  • Following assessment/ iteration and formulation processes, including risk management planning, support proposed, and any set up costs established, we will then provide a letter of intent. This will detail a summary of our support and full costings based on the assessment undertaken. This will also include costs of transition, set up costs and cost of full service delivery.
  • Please note: We will not proceed any further planning until we have a written agreement that funding is secured in principle and that there has been agreement for us to proceed. We do not send the completed full assessment until service agreement and funding has been formally received. Agreement for funding  is emailed to or

Planning transition

This will be a chargeable service

  • We will facilitate placement visits for all parties concerned based on individual need and agreed funding during transition.
  • PLEASE NOTE: this is at the individuals pace and is not time specific this will reflect the individual and family needs. We need to get the right team dynamics for the person.
  • During this time, we will also commit to attend arranged planning meetings and start liaison with individuals and their stakeholders. This is to assist us to have the correct environmental and social support in place as we continue to build relationships with the individual.
  • We will keep in touch regularly and you will have an assigned lead during this phase.

Service Start

This will be detailed in the costs and the specific arrangements and date of start will be dependent on the individual.

Referral Form

  • Download, complete & return our pre-screening referral form. Download