Supporting people with learning disabilities for over 20 years

What does this mean for …. 

provider of support? 

An ISF is the development of more flexible contracting arrangement between councils and providers that will, in turn, enable service providers to provide more flexible person-cantered support 

An ISF is simply an internal system of accounting, within a service provider, which makes the personal budget transparent to the individual or family. This helps provide flexible support by making the organisation accountable to the person. 

A person we support? 

The person we support can think much more flexibly about their support, it may not be delivered in just hours, but may subsidise an activity or anything else that supports their independence and outcomes. 

An ISF gives the person we support, more control and choice over their care.  

For example, an individual may want 15 hours support from Millennium with activities and tenancy support, but in addition they may want 10 hours a week budgeting from a different provider, because they have a specific skill in this area.