Millennium’s residential resources focus on making a difference and developing an inclusive approach to integrating individuals into local communities, developing relationships and enhancing skills in order to help people meet their true potential.

The services are bespoke and varied in terms of service delivery dependant on the needs of the individuals residing there. Whilst at the same time offering some people the safety of a larger staff team whilst transitioning from more secure environments. The staffing structure and approach means we can tailor our support and be responsive to each person’s needs focussing on doing things with people not for people.

An integral part of the residential service is to offer person centred approaches, encourage choices and help people realise their aspirations for being an active citizen.

For many people who may have lived in restrictive environments a great residential service like those offered by Millennium support offer people a period of transition and allows people to test out community living before considering the next steps in their journeys.