What people appreciate about me

  • I like to have fun and try not to take myself too seriously.
  • Positivity is my default, with a blend of being supportive, listening and not judging others.
  • I am calm and understanding and have a strong sense of adventure
  • I am always willing to try new ways of looking at things and challenging myself and my team mates

What is important to me

  • Mum, daughter and granddaughter, husband,brother, dogs and cats –my family.
  • Wildlife and walking in nature is very important to me and one of my main ways to de-stress.
  • I need to know that I’ve done my best to do a good job to make a positive difference to people’s lives

How best to support me?

  • Be honest with me, we all make mistakes.
  • Own up and we will deal with it.
  • Be open to different ways of thinking and working – try them, rather than immediately pooh-poohing them.
  • Work with me to create a happy team