What people admire about me

  • I’m trustworthy,honest, and approachable.
  • I’m a good listener,and really enjoy getting to know people.
  • My organisation – I’m a real planner.
  • I’ve got a good sense of humour–which is necessary as a Newcastle supporter.
  • I’m up for accepting a challenge (work,treadmill, you name it)

What is important to me

  • Sticking to my values.
  • Helping to improve people’s lives.
  • Talking to each other.
  • Integrity in others – I really value honesty.
  • Spending time with my family.
  • Working as a team, and celebrating successes together.
  • Watching Newcastle United (sometimes).
  • Going to the gym and exercising
  • But also, eating out, a lot–I (really) love food
  • Blasting music from the 80s, and inflicting it on my children.

How best to support me?

  • Be honest with me, let me know what I’m doing well, and how I could improve.
  • Don’t assume I know everything(there’s a real chance I won’t…), be patient with me, and I’ll do my best to find the answer.
  • My face tends to say it all; if I’m not happy, just give me some space.
  • No question is a silly question,ask it.
  • Follow through on promises.
  • Talk to me, everything can be figured out.