What people appreciate about me

  • Give me a problem, and together will find a solution
  • Generous with my time if you need it
  • I’m on the other end of a phone
  • I do what I say I will do
  • I’m the go to in my Family,
  • I’m funny and great company to be around, esp on a rare evening out
  • My honesty
  • I own my mistakes
  • I’m a team player , but can do things on my own

What is important to me

  • To Laugh, to Love and be Loved
  • Spending time with my Family
  • My Job and all that it entails, fulfilling lives for the people we support, and going home each day, feeling I have achieved something.
  • Saving for those special purchases (handbags)
  • Making time for my best friend of 39 Yrs. Having a spa day
  • Making the most of each day as life is so very short
  • My Husband who is my rock and balances my life
  • Getting on a plane to visit my Daughter and Grandson and Son I Law, and making memories
  • Being on target with my weight
  • Watching my Sky planner, on my own with no interruptions

How best to support me?

  • Tell the truth, don’t sugar coat it
  • Don’t be late without a good reason
  • Tell me what I’m doing wrong, help me do it right, but also tell me what I’m doing right too
  • Laugh with me it may do us both good
  • Say Please and Thank you it’s good manners