What is important to me

  • Living ethically and according to my Buddhist faith.
  • Spending quality time with my son.
  • Supporting people with learning disabilities to live well and happy.
  • I am there for people when you need me.
  • I do my work to the best of my ability and produce high quality work to get the best outcomes for you.
  • Working in a positive and “can do” way.
  • Honesty and openness with my friends and colleagues.

What people appreciate about me

  • My calm and considered approach to solving problems.
  • My knowledge and skills in my work.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I am thoughtful and kind.
  • I want the best for people who I work with and support.

How to support me

  • Please be open and honest in the situation.
  • I am trusting and loyal and appreciate trust and loyalty in return.
  • Let’s be grateful for the positives in the situations and work out what to do with the challenges.
  • I am very emotional person and you may see the odd tear in my eye. Just let me be.
  • I work hard and pack a lot in to my days, so please let me know if you can’t make it, I can do something else.
  • I love being valued for my contribution, it makes my day.