What do people appreciate about me?

  • Creative approach – I embrace difference and an alternative way
  • The energy and enthusiasm I bring
  • Honesty–I am respectful but not afraid to challenge and say it as it is
  • My self-awareness – if I have said or done something, I probably already know if improvements could have been made!
  • Always available to listen, coach or offer advice

What is important to me?

  • A positive approach to everything – sometimes things are challenging but I’ve never solved a problem looking at the negatives
  • Being reliable for others and them for me
  • Fairness – it is not always about being equal,but it should be equitable
  • A philanthropic approach even when things are tough for me personally or the organisation
  • Having fun always – be it with the family, with friends or at work
  • Being curious and constantly learning; I use this a good excuse to play with LEGO too!
  • A strong network–I like to meet and get to know people so always feel free to connector introduce me to your connections
  • Being busy, active and focused–I get bored being bored

How best to support me?

  • Be honest with me – it will help me and may mean
  • I can help you better
  • Give me space to do what I am there to do
  • Be timely if you are doing things to help me  –missing deadlines causes me stress
  • Accept that things may go wrong, or not in a linear way, with some of my ideas
  • I like to be informed; it helps me think better and broader-I may also be able to offer a different perspective
  • Allow me to be curious and ask questions as it helps me understand the “why”–once I know this, I deliver better results
  • If urgent, drop me a text–I’m not so good with voicemails!
  • Offer me tea–my love of coffee is not healthy!