What people admire about me

  • I am kind hearted
  • Honest
  • My Generosity
  • My work ethic
  • My sense of humour

What is important to me

  • To spend quality time with my husband, Gary
  • Holidays abroad especially Las Vegas
  • Netflix and PJ weekends at least every other
  • Nice Makeup and online shopping
  • To touch base with the people I manage weekly.

How best to support me?

  • Ensure I have unicorn tat as unicorns are my favourite creatures
  • Please cc me in emails around vital work issues so I can prioritise my work load
  • Always give me balance when I feel things are going wrong, offer me positives from the situation
  • When I am getting stressed I talk a lot and become physically animated in my behaviour with all or nothing language. Please listen without prejudice and offer me a cuppa
  • Please prompt me to stay on plan with my diet, I will Thank you later