Supporting people with learning disabilities for over 20 years

The Millennium Values are as follows:

  • With, not for
  • Inclusive
  • Develop potential
  • Responsive
  • Making a difference

When deciding our values, we used a co-production approach where all our people were included such as staff and the people we support. This work was completed through Millennium’s inclusion group. Millennium’s inclusion group meet monthly and the group members are people we support from across all areas of the business, including residential and supported living. Each resource has a Millennium inclusion representative where information can be discussed and fed back to ensure information is disseminated and decisions are made in a co-produced way. Each month a representative will co-chair the meeting to help develop advocacy and communication skills.

The projects and decisions that Millennium inclusion group have been involved with are:
Peer audits
During an inclusion meeting a person we support said the following, “staff write about us, why can’t we write about them”(EC 2018). This sparked a discussion around the development of people we support, who have been involved in the quality checking of service delivery. Therefore, members of the inclusion group volunteered to create a working party to help develop a way of conducting service audits with a team of people we support.
Any recruitment for operational or senior management posts have been done so through a team of individuals Millennium support with bespoke, tailored interview questions and techniques. This way of working also helped the production of service specific second stage interviews for individuals to ensure they are taking full control over the recruitment of people paid to support them.
Organisational Changes
All strategic changes that effect the way Millennium operate are discussed and voted on within the Millennium inclusion group. Decisions have included, name of the organisation, terminology, date protection, recruitment, values and behaviours expected from everyone and event planning.
Community Inclusion
Every month we discuss which guest speakers’ people would like to come and visit. So far this has included groups such as, Trading standards, Safer places, Speak up advocacy, Benefit information and other providers. A panel member from Millennium inclusion group also sits on Wakefield Partnership board and the PEG group (Patient experience group). From this Millennium get regular updates on what is happening around health for people with learning disabilities such as updated health action plans and hospital passports. Additionally, we receive information about what is happening locally and nationally for people with learning disabilities.