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Frequently asked questions

Do you work with children?
No, we do not work with children as we believe our expertise is with young people and adults.
Is there a restriction on the age of the person you will support?
We are only registered to work with people eighteen and over. However, we can start your transition to our support plans earlier than 18 years, as long as your current care manager is in agreement of this, and they are prepared to fund you.
Can I just use one service i.e. community enterprise without residential support
Yes, of course. You can mix and match which support package is required on an individual basis.
Can I refer someone to Millennium Support?
Yes, of course you can. Our referral pathway is at the front page of this website. Once you make a referral we will ask for some further information and if we can match your needs to what we offer we can let you know fairly quickly. We have a dedicated referral person who can answer all of your queries.
Do you offer bespoke support?
Yes, we do. We like to think all our support is individualised and bespoke, but we have also planned some very individualised support packages for people that may have unique support needs and who have had difficulty finding a place to live.
How are you able to provide such high-quality support?
We pride ourselves in offering a very individualised support package which is tailored to individual needs. We also have a person that manages our quality and governance and their job is to check that we are getting it right for you. We also have people we support employed specifically as quality consultants to help us get it right for people. This is true peer led support.
How long will I wait from referral to support starting?
This is dependant on many factors associated with the individual and their specific needs. We also need to plan support to ensure that any specific needs match the set of skills from a support team. The time it takes will be agreed with you and we will try to ensure that all parties stick to that timescale. The referral process has some very clear timescales. Have a look at our referral button at the top of the front page of the website.
What if things go wrong?
We are always keen to hear your feedback if things go right and if things go wrong. We always try to always act with the greatest integrity  in providing the right support, but sometimes things go wrong. If this happens, we will firstly apologise to you for anything we have done, and work with you to get it right.
Why have you changed your name to Millennium Support?
We changed our name to Millennium Support as we believe that to get the best from someone we need to work with them and support them not do something for them.   Dropping the Care from our name does not mean we don’t care, its just we expect the people that we support  to be supported to achieve great things by us.
Will you support someone with a drug and alcohol problem?
Millennium support pride ourselves in working in partnership with other community providers. If you have a drug and alcohol issue, we can support you to access other community support facilities. You will need to agree to that though as part of your support plan as we cannot support you to be your best whilst you are also using drugs and alcohol.
Can I pay for my own support?
Yes, you can pay for your own support and there may be times when you are expected to pay a ‘top up’ if your needs are not fully met by your care and support funding. We can support you to do this and will accept payments on this basis.