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Frequently asked questions

Q) What type of services do you offer?
A) Our services include 24-hour residential support, extended day and evening support, support to live independently in own tenancy, and more specialist support for those with complex histories. All support is tailored to individual need, and we support people through contractual support packages and individual service funds (ISF).
Q) Who can be referred to you?
A) We welcome referrals for adults over the age of 18, or soon to be, with learning disabilities and/or autism and complex histories.
Q) How soon can I expect a response when submitting a referral?
A) We will respond with our decision within five working days of receiving a referral.
Q) What happens once I submit a referral?
A) We review referrals every Wednesday at our internal referrals meeting. Based on the referral form submitted with supporting documentation, we will make a judgement and respond to you with our decision within five working days of receiving the referral. If the person being referred is a match for a current vacancy, we will be in touch to arrange an assessment. We cannot complete the assessment if information is not available that we have prior requested. The assessment can take up to 20 working days to complete from the point at which all requested information is received. Please note that we will close the case if we do not receive all requested information within 20 working days of requesting it.
Q) Can I visit the service before making a referral?
A) Our supported living services are the homes of the people we support, therefore it’s not possible to offer visits unless they are vacant. For our residential services, a visit can be arranged once the service is deemed to be a suitable option, and an assessment has been undertaken by our team.
Q) How soon can costings be confirmed?
A) Once we’ve completed an assessment, and are satisfied that we can provide support to the person being referred, we will then send a letter of intent containing a detailed summary of our support and full costings (transition costs, set-up costs & full-service delivery costs). It takes us five working days from assessment completion, to complete and send the letter of intent.
Q) Do you accept urgent/temporary placements?
A) We consider all referrals on a case-by-case basis and encourage referrers to submit both urgent/temporary and long-term referrals to us.
Q) Do you offer respite care?
A) Unfortunately, we do not offer respite care at Millennium Support. We do however offer a day service at our Community Enterprise.
Q) How soon can we arrange to move in?
A) This is dependent on many factors associated with the individual and their specific needs. The time it takes will be agreed with you and we will try to ensure that all parties stick to that timescale. We are unable to proceed with a transition plan until funding is agreed, and written confirmation has been received. A standard transition typically takes 12 weeks from the point at which funding has been agreed.