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Data Used

The information to the side shows the Gender Pay Gap that exists within Millennium Care Services, based on the hourly rates of pay for all employees and workers as at the snapshot date of 5th April 2017 and bonuses paid in the 12 months to 5th April 2017.


Mean Gender Pay Gap: 8.69%

Median Gender Pay Gap: Zero

Mean / Median Bonus Pay Gap: Zero

Proportion of Males and Females Receiving bonus pay: Zero No bonuses were paid to any employee in the 12 months to 5th April 2017

Understanding the Findings

Our findings show that, as with many Social Care providers, most of our employees are female (63.24%) and therefore as expected, each quartile is predominantly filled by females. The upper quartile has the highest percentage of male employees and we have a mean gender pay gap of 8.69%. As a company we are committed to ensuring equal pay to our employees, and as such are confident that the pay gap is not because of males and females being paid different wages for doing the same job but is because of having a larger number of females in the lower paid roles than males. We are committed to reducing any pay gap that we may have and ensuring a healthy balance of males and females across all areas of the business. However, our focus will always be on ensuring the right person is employed for the role in question, regardless of their gender, to ensure that as a business we achieve our mission of fulfilling lives.