Introducing Our New PBM-Pro Partnership

As we move forward on our continued journey to support adults with Learning Disabilities, Autism, and complex trauma, we’re pleased to celebrate our partnership with Positive Response, who are working with us to strengthen our trauma informed way of working with the introduction of PBM-pro.

Nine of our people leaders have undertaken in-depth training to enable to them to educate and support our teams safely in the use of PBM-pro and have this week rolled out our very first training sessions.

‘PBM-pro will give the whole of Millennium a better insight into trauma and how trauma informed support can improve the lives of the people we support now and in the future. There is a heavy focus on developing the potential and the skill set of the people we support and improving their quality of life. Rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ framework, PBM-pro encourages people to think in a truly person centered way, reducing the likelihood of restrictive practice, whilst promoting positive risk taking.  

PBM-pro will further improve the quality of the support that we provide and I am excited to be part of developing the potential of the people we employ. I believe the new skills that the teams will learn will be easily applied into their working practice, owing to this being both relevant and relatable to each person’s role. For those in a non-operational role, it will give further insight into why we do what we do, the challenges we encounter and how we work collaboratively to achieve a common goal; which is improving the lives and experiences of both the people we support and the people we employ.

As we continue to grow and move forward, PBM-pro will support us to provide the right support at the very beginning of an individual’s journey. This will lay a solid foundation for success and enable Millennium to grow while providing safe and progressive support to extremely complex people, who previously may not have had the same opportunities as others in the community. I’m excited to be a part of this’. – Scott Egley, Service Manager.

We look forward to our continued partnership and making a difference together.