Our services in Warwickshire are bespoke services for people with learning disabilities and/or Autism with complex needs that have experienced significant emotional trauma in their lives.

They are made up of individual houses within the area which are bespoke to the individual we support and each house has separate area for people we employ to have debriefs, time out to recharge and meetings with family, external professionals and social workers.

We aim to build relationships and trust with the people we support, along with the confidence to access and experience community living for what could be the first time in their lives. We are a step-up, step-down service which provides an exclusive range of advanced support, by a bespoke team of advanced support workers and advanced Team Leaders.

We have an operational and therapeutic support team that work closely together to provide emotional therapeutic support to ensure an individual’s past does not limit their future. We promote independence in a person-centred way by working with people, not for them, offering support and guidance to help each person achieve their goals. We are a solution-based team that put the person we support at the centre of everything, working in a person-centred way.

Each person we support has their own bespoke single occupancy house/bungalow, with a tenancy, adapted to meet the persons specific needs both physically, environmentally and emotionally.