This service has a residential area, an annex for enhanced independence  and small self-contained flats. This gives the feel of smaller residential facility. People can move through into the flats when they become more independent and this is often a ‘stepping stone’ to living independently in supported housing.






Self-contained flats

Why Choose Sunnyborough?

Sunnyborough is a great place to live; with a consistent support team who have a goal to fulfil lives.

What is life like at Sunnyborough?

We always try to make life at Sunnyborough the best it can be.

We always encourage people to tell us what their desired outcomes are using person centred tools. People are supported to plan their own holidays and we encourage people to take part in house meetings. The staff team support people to attend a range of activities they enjoy and health appointments, family contact, increase life skills/choices, independence and knowledge to eventually support independence. Sunnyborough is a pathway for the people we support starting in residential Sunnyborough is within a walking distance to local amenities.

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I would choose to live in a home run by Millennium due to all the help and support they have offered me while living at Sunnyborough. I really like the company, they are kind, we get to go on holiday each yearI have made a lot of good memories while I have lived at Sunnyborough. I particularly like Sunnyborough as it’s a large residential home with a good amount of interaction with the staff and fellow peers, it’s got a lot of space and quiet areas if I need time on my own, there is staff around 24 hours if I need to speak to anyone and I feel I have made friends. At Sunnyborough I feel safe and its still close to my family and friends….. Over the last three years there has been up’s and downs, the staff supported me to attend appointments with health professionals to help manage my behaviour and help me open and speak to people when I had concerns or worries….. In the last year with the help from management and support staff I have learnt to manage my behaviour and express my thoughts and feelings through speaking to keyworkers/staff. I am no longer on DOLS and I have a fob for my own front door. I have worked towards unsupported leave to the local shop and I am also looking at travelling to Selby on public transport. I have regular family contact, including overnight stays. My life skills have improved massively, I am cooking, cleaning, washing and helping round the home with jobs and getting involved in the environment looking nice with support from staff. I have attended appointments to the local bank to get myself a bank account, so I can begin learning to manage my own finances and save. My goal now is to move into a flat at Sunnyborough and then eventually to move into the community with little support from staff, I know what to do to get here and I feel I am on the right track 

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