Our facilities are ordinary houses in ordinary streets.

Each person has their own individualised room/ house that they are encouraged to personalise and decorate.

Most have garden space where people can spend time and have BBQ/party’s and can liaise with people in their neighbourhood.

Our shared supported accommodation have communal lounges with TV, DVD, Computer, CD player etc in them where people we support can interact with each other, staff or alone. People often use the computer to browse the internet, play games and listen to music on YouTube and we are always looking for technology to maximise independence. There is also sometimes a staff sleep facilities to enable staff to sleep over where required but we try to reduce this as quickly as possible with individuals.


Supported Living

Why Choose The Community Hub?

Supported accommodation is a great way to gain more skills in independence. With a consistent staff team who are always caring, skilled and responsive as well as passionate about their work and the people that they support people will flourish.

Each person has their own dedicated key worker who people can go to for support at all times. We work alongside other professionals to ensure people gain the right support.  As a service our aim is to provide fulfilling lives for the people we support in the least restrictive way, moving through to supported living and having a tenancy is a great way to do that.

What is life like in supported living?

We always try to make life in supported living the best it can be.

We always encourage people to tell us what their desired outcomes are using person centred tools.

People are supported to plan their daily routines, own holidays and we encourage people to take part in developing skills to live on their own.

Where appropriate, the staff team support people with a range of activities they enjoy and encourage people to cook, clean and live independently with minimal support.

Most of our supported accommodation is on bus routes and is within walking distance to local amenities and bus routes and people can easily access their local and extended communities.

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