What people appreciate about me

  • That Im Kind and give time to people
  • Caring- and not afraid to show it
  • Humble
  • Ambitious- I want to do better, see more and bring people with me
  • Fun- I have a good sense of humour and wit

What is important to me

  • Fulfilling lives- that we live our values for everyone who touches Millennium
  • I like to think about the future- sometimes too much
  • It is important to me that people are positive and share success
  • My family of my girlfriend Karen and her 2 girls
  • Time with my dog Bert- he is a legend
  • Going to watch Man City- my team and a great way to spend time with my Dad
  • Honesty- knowing I can trust someone
  • Happiness-we are only here once!! -Having a challenge – I like to have a physically demanding challenge planned

How best to support me?

  • I like to ask a lot of questions, this is because I like to explore options, it isn’t because I don’t understand or don’t trust you
  • Let me know you are going to be late
  • Don’t whisper in corridors, you are better than that
  • Please bring a solution with your problem
  • Say thank you, but also accept one- you will have earnt it
  • I get frustrated with lack of progress- show me a plan
  • Show me you live our values
  • If im in a mood (you will be able to tell) just give me space!
  • Don’t ring me without leaving a message if you cant pick up a return call-I will worry
  • I swear when I get passionate – im working on this
  • I am Millenniums biggest critic, but this comes from a place of wanting to see us be the best