Supporting people with learning disabilities for over 20 years


Staff we spoke with told us they worked well as a team and were very supportive of each other. They told us there were always enough staff around. 

Staff we spoke with told us that they received an induction when they commenced employment at the service. One support worker said, “We completed some training and shadowed experienced staff. We were able to spend time getting to know people.” 

The training is useful, very interesting and informative.” 

“It’s a good company to work for, they are very supportive.” 

Staff told us they received regular supervision sessions. These were one to one meeting with their line manager. Staff felt these were supportive and useful. We spoke with the registered manager about staff appraisals as we found these were not carried out. We were told that these would be completed and prioritised this year. In the meantime, supervision sessions included a reflection of the person’s practice and current training requirements. 

Staff we spoke with felt the registered manager was a good leader and supported them well. 

“[manager’s name] is very supportive. One of the best managers we have had.” 

“They [the manager] is very supportive.” 

People We Support

“The staff are always around.” 

We spoke with people who used the service and they told us that the staff knew them well. One person said, “They [the staff] know what they are doing.” 

People who used the service felt staff were good at assisting them to access other services where required. One person said, “They [the staff] arrange things like the dentist for me.” Another person said, “They [the staff] see to all we need,” 

“The staff are nice, yes, I like them.” Another person said, “I get on with the staff. They have a laugh with me.” 

“The staff look at my goal setting and help me to achieve the things I want to do.” 

One person said, “The staff are great.” Another person said, “I trust them [the staff], I like them a lot. They talk to me about what I want to do.” 

“We can talk to [manager’s name] and he listens.” 


Staff we spoke with were knowledgeable about safeguarding people from abuse. They knew how to recognise and respond to abuse. All staff we spoke with were confident the registered manager would address any situation brought to their attention. 

During our inspection we observed staff interacting with people who used the service. We saw that staff had developed positive, caring relationships with people based on their individual preferences and choices. It was evident that staff knew people very well. We saw that staff-maintained people’s privacy and dignity. 

We spoke with people who used the service and staff and they told us the registered manager was supportive and approachable. Staff knew their roles and responsibilities well and worked as a team.